Okay, we are approaching the end. I could start rambeling about, but instead I am going to show the paper given to me by Tobias. This paper is explaining what the next weeks have in store, sadly it is in danish. For those of you who do not read danish, you can enjoy the funny words our native northen language can produce.

Building and Creating

These pictures are a mixture of the chairs being made in Tobias' basement, and when we were making the last mouths.

Yikes. Sorry for the slow update folks!

Quick update, we have finally moved from the basement to an actual studio, and are now using our supervisor old space. There are still small adjustment with the puppets that needs to be made but overall they are done. These are some of the test animations. Enjoy.

Our dear supervisor Christophe Peladan made this one. We are going to copy this walk in our film, since it soo good!

This was the first run I did with our main character.

Farewell Tod

With our preproduction almost over we had to say goodbye to our storyboard supervisor, Tod Polsen. All the groups made a "bling bling" photo to remember us by, and this is our addition.

Moving forward....

Adding fur on the naked rabbits. A huge thanks to Maiken, who has a name which I'm probably is spelling wrong.

Follow up...

The last week has been so hectic that I have not had the time to update. Which is (not counting the few people reading this blog) a good thing. We started making the puppets out of aluminium wire, balza wood and 10seconds-glue. There was a setback in the end of last week because the wire which is holding the spine is too unsteady. So Tobias is this very moment ordering some proper ball-and-socket-joints for the spines. A bit expensive, but worth it!
We had Hiromi Scintu, Jakob Kousholt helping with sculping. Tobias' dad working doing all the wood and metal cutting.